5G, 6G, 7G – various generation of the mobile networking

AE – United Arab Emirates, country code

AZ – Azerbaijan, country code

B – billion, 1’000’000’000

BFi – Binary Finance over the Internet

CC4DT – Competence Centre for Digital Transformation

DFMI – Digital Financial Market Infrastructure

DT – Digital Transformation

DT4DT – Digital Toolkit for Digital Transformation

DTW– Digital Transformation of the World

DvP – Delivery vs. Payment

FinTech – Financial Technologies

GC4DT – Global Centre Digital Transformation

IN – India, country code

InvestTech – Investment Technologies

KUT – According to the Turkic belief, kut is a kind of force vitalizing the body. Through kut, humans are connected with the heavens.

LK – Sri Lanka, country code

LVDC – Low Voltage Direct Current

PvP – Payment vs. Payment

Q – Quarter, a set of four 3-month divisions of the year – Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4.

RC4DT – Regional Centre Digital Transformation

SC4DT – System of Centres for Digital Transformation

T – trillion, 1’000 B, 1’000’000’000’000

TC4DT – Territorial Centre Digital Transformation

UAE – United Arab Emirates

UOC – Universal Ordinal Code

UWB – Ultra-Wide Band

BoG – Board of Governors

BoD – Board of Directors

GM – General Manager